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Localised makes it easy for local businesses like yours to be discovered and get connected to local opportunity.

Take advantage today and create a free business profile, list your goods and services, and get unlimited access to project leads.

Don’t miss out on another local opportunity because other businesses didn’t know you were there.

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Don’t know if there is a local supplier for what you need? Use our flexible procurement tools to quickly and easy connect to local suppliers on your projects large and small.

As a supplier, access unlimited project leads and get inside information about doing business with local organisations.

Support local businesses and your local community by keeping more procurement dollars in your local economy.

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Localised makes it easy for you to make new connections and build new relationships with the business people around you.

After all, business is all about people.

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Elena, Maria & Erica

"At GippsTech, we love helping regional small business become more visible online. Localised is a fantastic platform to promote local businesses."

Leanne Thom-Leeson
Bethany Community Support Inc.

"Often one of our biggest challenges is not knowing if there is a local supplier for what we require. Localised offers a user friendly platform which quickly identifies and introduces us to local suppliers."

Brenton Johnson
Uptake Digital

"Localised is a great opportunity to find other providers to build capability in our own offering."

Mat Dickens
Corio Waste Management

"Localised provides a powerful platform through which businesses in our area can support each other as well as help grow the local economy."

Local Networking Events

Localised meetups are commercially focused business events. Discover and build new local business relationships.

Heads Up!

Prime local suppliers by notifying them of your upcoming procurement opportunities.

Is there a local?

Ask yourself the question and discover local suppliers you didn't know were just around the corner.

Build Capacity

Give local suppliers more time to build capacity, compliance and competitiveness.

Unlimited leads

Promote your goods and services & get unlimited local project leads.

Better Outcomes

Get better quality bids from local suppliers when your project goes to market.

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