1. Discover and connect with local suppliers

Easily search for local suppliers based on the services they provide and the value of procurements they have the capacity to deliver. When you find a supplier you want to know more about, simply invite them to talk over coffee, in the office or over the phone. It's an easy way to discover, meet and build new relationships with new local suppliers.

2. Get quotes from local suppliers on your current procurements

Upload a procurement brief outlining the goods or services you require, or create a brief using the Localised procurement template. Post the brief to relevant suppliers in your Localised region. Local suppliers will submit competitive quotes and proposals to you. Invite suppliers you like to talk over coffee, in the office or over the phone. How you then go about engaging them, is up to you.

3. Notify local suppliers of your pre-tender procurement opportunities

Help suppliers in your local area build capacity and prepare to bid for procurements you have in the next 3, 6 or 12 months. Simply create a pre-tender notification/brief and post it to suppliers in your Localised region. Interested suppliers submit an Expression of Interest so you can make contact with suppliers you like. When you're ready to go to tender, you'll have more local suppliers ready to compete for your work.

4. Access key statistics about your local economy

Our partners in each Localised region get access to key data and statistics on their local economy. By better understanding the relationship between local demand and local capacity, state and local government's, chambers of commerce and industry groups can target efforts to build supply chain capacity where it is needed most - helping grow drive growth across local economies.