We are passionate about regional economies

Localised offers a simple proposition: we want to make it easy for local organisation to discover and engage local suppliers in regional economies.

We know that because of the lack of visibility between local customers and local suppliers in region areas, billions of dollars is leaving regional economies every year.

By better connecting local organisations to local suppliers, Localised aims to:

  • Increase the local procurement spend in regional economies
  • Increase local employment and economic opportunity
  • Drive economic growth in regional areas
  • Support capacity building in regional supply chains
  • Underpin regional areas as great places to both live and work
Bendigo Business Council

Our partnership with the Bendigo Business Council

Localised is excited to be partnering with the BBC on Localised in the Greater Bendigo Region.

Through the pilot, the BBC and Localised are encouraging local businesses in the Greater Bendigo Region to use Localised to connect with local suppliers when purchasing goods and services for their business.

If you’re a local business in the Greater Bendigo Region, by getting involved you’ll be helping us to keep jobs local, to empower local business owners and to facilitate regional economic growth across the region.